Foshan beebu Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Good start home was founded in 1990 in China, adhering to the founder of the simple details of the manufacturing concept, after 20 years of relentless pursuit, has developed into a well-known brand of home sales far ahead. A good start Home Furnishing always adhere to the design and fashion consumer choices, superior quality, professional service and the whole house of solutions, has won the trust and fans in 10 countries around the world millions of families. Whether it is the living room, dining room, bedroom, study and other whole house furniture, mattresses, bedding, lamps and other household accessories, home opener all inclusive, everything. From easy simple retro casual style, to wander both rough and fashionable urban industrial wind, between modern and history, as in the past will lead the consumer Home Furnishing start to enjoy the wonderful experience Home Furnishing brand style, practical life style of high cost.
The company comprehensively promote the enterprise informationization strategy, realized from the product design, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, sales, to the whole value chain information integration management of customer service, and integration of industry in the downstream resources, to provide excellent products and service value for customers. The company in the industry to establish three ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environment management and OHSMS18001 occupation health and safety management certification; "China best customer service Service Award" and "best China special service award", "green design international award", "green enterprise" pioneer "award.
Good start home has been adhering to the core concept of green, "green culture, details of culture" as the core value of the enterprise culture. In all the friends, green is not only a basic tone and the core gene of all friends of the brand, it is the value of a friend of faith and spiritual heights; green is not only on the whole process of green product meticulously, more is to employees, business partners, customers and social responsibilities.
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