The world's epic chair TOP20 
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There are thousands of wooden seats, this issue is the focus of the classic. Classic, want from the historical significance, visibility, and aesthetic design in three aspects of consolidation, since it involves aesthetic feeling, will be a personal preference (since the wood bending wood process class add no doubt) today we look at the world level TOP 20.
Propeller Stool in 1930 Danish designer Kaare by Klint
The first is a stool, don't be surprised.
From the early masters of furniture design in Denmark, Kell, I was also a rare top20 2 works selected designers.
DC10 chair Inoda+Sveje by 2012.01
Inoda+Sveje studio was founded by a Danish designer and a Japanese designer, but the feeling of furniture design is simply fantastic. This is made by Miyazaki Ko manufacturing company, the details of the people too memorable.
Splinter chair Nendo by 2012.12
I believe that to understand Nendo studios know that the studio design works are full of imagination and technology innovation unlimited, in the Splinter collection chairs in the new approach by too many people, imagination and professional technology standards in Japan and its ultimate design is cannot do without.
Kaare Klint Chair, 1914, Faaborg
Kyle Clint is a professional furniture designer, he is different from the architect to sit furniture design generally look forward. He has to pay more attention to the traditional, rural furniture, Chinese Ming and Qing Dynasties Furniture is also proficient in the study, can be seen in his design works more humanities and thinking.
Liu Zongli butterfly in stool 1954
Liu Zongli is regarded as the Oriental design of the enlightenment, attention to handicrafts, and bring them to the world design booth. In the field of industrial design has a number of excellent design work, the Chinese design circles are missing a master to lead the way.
Ant chair Arne Jacobsen - 1952
Ant chair is a pioneer in the process of wood bending, which is made of a single piece of multilayer plate, which greatly reduces the waste of materials and the cost of the process.
Federal chair - Federal furniture company in 1980s
We can now look at this chair in the streets, but the Federal furniture company did not get much benefit. This is a very suitable and popular aesthetic design works, learn the essence of Chinese traditional furniture, a blend of modern needs, there is no doubt that it is also very good, otherwise it can capture millions of people's wallet? Only in the design of the lack of awareness of property rights in the country, the success of the design work, with no return, only to see the Yellow River into the sea.
Alva Arto in the field of architectural design than in the field of furniture to be large, but the furniture is recognized as a master. Can only be used to describe the genius, which nearly 100 years of work, the establishment of the suspension of the present chair of the tone, the improvement of its shadow everywhere. Have to say, is a century of design.
Eames lounge chair in 1950s
Although it uses a large amount of metal and leather, only the back plate is a curved material.
This chair is also believed to be the dream of many people, it seems that only have the chair to feel the beauty of the deck chair. This is the charm of furniture design, so that you believe that everything will happen with a piece of furniture.
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Hiroshima Chair by Naoto Fukasawa
Fukazawa Naohito has been known to every family designers, he is versatile in the field of industrial design identity is known. Before this chair, everyone thinks that modern couches have been Hans Wegener the best design finished, but the Hiroshima chair and told everyone, design and humanities boundary, no end.
Gerrit T. Rietveld, Red Blue Chair. 1918
Ritter's red and blue chair was believed to be invisible to most outsiders, and Vader, who was the Turing machine of the furniture industry, composed the world of disorder by 0 and 1, which made up of the other part of the world that could be controlled by the master of the world. Ritter Wade is a pioneer in the formulation of the rules to promote the formation of modern furniture and industrial production.
Thonet A14 in chair 1859
In 1859, during the Anglo French war and the government of the Qing Dynasty, sonnett through the invention of bending wood process applied to furniture, to create the first assembly furniture, known as the pioneer of modern furniture.
Finn Juhl 45 chair 1945
Finn Gul is a real master of furniture production, which emphasizes the production, in his works, the production process has reached the acme of showing the most perfect side of wood.
Hans Wagner chair in 1949
The formation of this chair is not the Chinese chair for reference, but the design of the shape of reborned in general. Based on the simple and elegant lines of the Ming style furniture, and the integration of modern design as the basis of the people, all the people are thinking about the design.
Hans Wagner round chair 1949
This is a very good design skills of the chair, the design is not the same, a perfect chair, it should be so much more than just, just. Therefore Western advocates of natural and Oriental Zen and the same thing, in practice, are looking to create the most touching.
Windsor chair, originated in the seventeenth Century -18 century, after the United States and was greatly promoted and widely known. Because of its stable and changeable shape, through the creation of designers, the transformation of different times

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