The unique natural flavor of Chinese elements to create a small space of Zen 
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The living room full of Zen
Through the gray shade, we see a rich artistic conception of the living room, whether it is hanging on the wall of the ink painting, flower root, or covered with wooden table batik tablecloths are full of zen.
Flower root
Next to the TV show flower root, natural beauty, the artistic conception of "Zen" behaved most incisive.
Wooden table and batik
Quaint and connotation of batik cloth on the table is also rich in natural sense, make people feel as if somewhere else in the cabin expert.
Carved stone
Place the audio-visual equipment Aiji wood frame in the shape of the stone monkey, but added a sense of humor space of zen.
A two simple table against the brick walls, in a more relaxed style China.
Tea room
The old camphorwood box is used as a small tea table, sat on the floor, or straw mat futon, ziyuzile performing a tea ceremony...... In this small space balcony, may also be able to realize some Zen from tea.
The brick shelves make people feel more like the natural sense of the country cottage, and the same wall as a computer desk, enough for two people at the same time office or entertainment, and save space.
Chinese rest area
The bookshelf is a Chinese style across the couch, the wall is decorated with four pieces of exquisite carvings, the owner can choose a comfortable posture or lying or by reading a book.
Chinese recumbent
The bedroom a living room a simple natural colorful Zen style, Chinese style furniture lacquer wardrobe with gorgeous feeling and classic beauty.
Bay window
Windows is built into a small Rest Area, can be read in the window, drink tea.

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